What is norovirus? Signs to understand and how to prevent infection

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/ Updated Jan. 10, 2019, 8:42 PM GMT/ Source: NBC News By Maggie Fox Norovirus is a highly infectious infection typically known as lost from throwing up and diarrhea and prevent dehydration. Many people improve within one to 3 days.How can infections be prevented?Wash your hands: Soap and water can wash norovirus

away, but it takes a great scrubbing and really hot water to eliminate it. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not eliminate norovirus.Norovirus can continue on surfaces for several days even at room temperature. The CDC suggests using bleach to kill it, consisting of chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide.If somebody is ill, it is necessary to utilize extremely warm water and bleach to ruin infection that could be on any clothing, sheets or towels.People start spreading norovirus before they actually feel sick,

and they can spread it for as long as two weeks after they start getting much better.