How to buy less in 2019|Stunned

If I was going to offer my more youthful self one piece of guidance, it would be this. You understand what’s better than having loads of shit? Not having loads of shit. Seriously. I utilized to acquire things– mainly low-cost, bad quality clothing– indiscriminately. There was no sale I was immune to the powers of. No freebie I didn’t want. Perhaps it’s Getting Old, perhaps it was understanding that I was surrounded by clothing I never used and things I had absolutely no connection to, however something altered. Truth is, we just don’t require all the stuff we tell ourselves we do– and hey, if you buy less, you’ll have less to get rid of when you ‘get your things in order’ a la Marie Kondo! To celebrate the new year, here’s my guide on how to purchase less– and ideally better– in 2019.

HAVE An OBJECTIVE, OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT Maybe you wish to go on vacation. Possibly you wish to stop your job and go freelance. Maybe you want to start conserving with the hopes that when you’re 45 you may be able to get a home loan on a studio flat in Zone 5. Having something to save towards will focus you on your journey to buying less shit. Believe me, when you have a goal in mind, even if it’s ‘to not be completely skint at the end of the month’, it becomes a lot much easier to realise what you want versus what you really need. Use your goal to determine up purchases: yes you want a brand-new gown, but do you desire it enough to be ₤ 50 even more far from your vacation?


If you are, like me, both an overachiever and a fucking loser who clearly has absolutely nothing better to do, go through a couple of months of bank declarations to see what your average spend is on food, travel, etc. This is a deeply boring task, however from understanding your outgoings, you can exercise where you can cut down– and how much you can manage to put away as a result. If you select a random, extremely ambitious number to save monthly, you most likely won’t be able to adhere to it, and needing to transfer loan back from your savings account is not fun. Set a big objective, and smaller sized, realistic objectives to assist you get there.