How to Prevent Identity Theft in 3 Simple Actions

Criminals only need a couple of key pieces of details– such as your name, address, Social Security number or credit card number– to steal from you. That’s why so many people have actually experienced identity theft in one type or another.

Given this occurrence, we ought to all be making efforts to tighten up the reins on our credit and financial information.

How to Avoid Identity Theft in 3 Simple Steps

In her newest podcast episode, “Loan Girl” host Laura Adams outlines the simplest .

A credit freeze, likewise referred to as a security freeze, lets you restrict access to your credit report, in turn making it difficult for burglars to open accounts in your name.

Freezing your credit never ever harms your credit rating, and freezes are now totally free from all three major reporting bureaus.

You’ll require to make an application for freezes from all three credit bureaus for full protection. That’s as basic as visiting their websites:

You’ll get a PIN from each that you’ll need require have whenever you want to “thaw” your credit. Frozen credit reports can still be accessed, and your credit can be unfrozen in simply a few hours.

2. Put Your Credit on Lock

If you want instantaneous access to your credit reports without completing any online forms, a credit lock might be more interesting you.

Credit locks resemble freezes, but they allow you to “unlock” your credit quickly with making use of an app or by logging on with a username and password, rather of needing to remember a PIN and fill out a form. But you should understand that it doesn’t come with all the